New and hilarious details emerge from June arrest of 76ers and Suns veteran Cameron Payne: ‘My name is Terry Johnson’

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A new arrest report reveals that Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns, and Chicago Bulls veteran Cameron Payne actually attempted to hide his identity during his arrest in June. Unfortunately for him, arresting officers didn’t fall for it.

Last month the news broke that Cameron Payne was arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona in connection with a domestic disturbance in the early hours of June 14. It was also revealed that the player the 76ers acquired in a trade with the Milwaukee Bucks in February had given a fake name to Scottsdale Police Department officers, in what was an obvious attempt to conceal his identity.

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Well, police records of the incident have leaked and they revealed some funny details from the June arrest. TMZ Sports obtained the documents that show when officers arrived on the scene Payne and his girlfriend claimed police services were no longer needed and they had resolved the quarrel that led to cops being called.

The report claimed that officers just needed Cameron Payne’s name and date of birth to close the investigation and leave the scene. Unfortunately, the nine-year veteran refused to give them his actual name, and the fake handle he offered did not fool police.

  • Cameron Payne stats (2024): 9.3 PPG, 1.8 RPG, 3.1 APG, 0.6 SPG, 38% 3PT

“They say for minutes, Payne would not tell them who he was … insisting he was actually ‘Terry Johnson.’ When they told him they believed he was lying and would need to arrest him if he continued to be dishonest, they say he told them, ‘That’s fine,'” TMZ Sports reported.

The documents claim the officers repeatedly informed Payne all they needed was a name and they would leave. But the 29-year-old continued to play coy. The record also revealed at one point he did tell them his actual name, but then quickly added “No, that’s my fake name, can you please leave.”

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When police gave one final warning that not giving his real name could lead to being arrested and taken to jail, Cameron Payne strangely and hilariously responded by saying, “If you want to arrest me for giving you a fake name, congratulations.”

The NBA guard was officially booked on charges of one count of refusal to provide a truthful name and one count of false reports to law enforcement.

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