Report: Padres not ruling out Bryce Harper after signing Machado

Bryce Harper is one of the most annoying MLB players today

Contrary to one local reporter in San Diego, MLB Network’s Jon Heyman reported Tuesday that the Padres “aren’t ruling out Bryce Harper” after landing Manny Machado.

The Machado deal (still not official as of this moment, and the team denied it was done on Tuesday) would instantly bring relevance to a Padres team that’s languished in mediocrity for the better part of a decade.

If San Diego were able to somehow bring both Harper and Machado into the fold — along with Eric Hosmer — it would immediately make them one of the most feared offensive lineups in MLB.

Really, what it comes down to is whether owner Ron Fowler wants to push all his chips into the middle to make a gigantic leap up in the MLB world. Not only would the Padres become one of the top teams in the National League in terms of talent, but the franchise would become one of the most marketable teams in the league — something that’s reportedly a priority.