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Browns’ Baker Mayfield absolutely blasts Rex Ryan

Vincent Frank
Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Former NFL head coach and media personality Rex Ryan made news recently by calling Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield “overrated as hell.”

It was strong words from a man that has always opened his mouth to opine on the news of the day. It also came after Mayfield failed to lead Cleveland to a comeback win against the Los Angeles Rams Sunday night.

Also a boisterous individual, Mayfield took time out of his day on Wednesday to respond to Ryan. He was not subtle.

Talk about some epic shade throwing from the second-year quarterback. He’s also not 100% wrong.

Ryan has not coached in the NFL since leading the Buffalo Bills to a combined 15-16 record in 2015 and 2016. Prior to that, Ryan finished his Jets career with four non-winning seasons.

Then again, Mayfield might want to look in the mirror and refrain from talking. He leads the NFL in interceptions since taking over as the Browns’ starter last season. Overrated could very well be the best term to describe his early-career performance.