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NBA analyst says Brooklyn Nets would be better off having John Wall instead of Kyrie Irving

Jason Burgos
brooklyn nets, john wall, kyrie irving
Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

One veteran NBA analyst believes that the Brooklyn Nets would be better off with a player like John Wall on their squad instead of superstar Kyrie Irving.

The situation between Irving and the Nets has gotten complicated. There is no doubt that when the 30-year-old is on the court he is one of the most talented and dynamic scorers in the sport. However, that has been a bit of an issue during his three years in Brooklyn.

Kyrie Irving has had his share of injuries on the Nets, but his desire to pass on being vaccinated for COVID-19 and missing much of this season due to vaccine mandates in New York City had a massive effect on the team’s success in 2021-2022.

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Following being swept out of the NBA Playoffs by the Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics, the organization has seemed to distance itself from its star guard. While the seven-time All-Star made it clear that he wants to return to Brooklyn next season, he still has adoption for the final year on his contract, so there are no guarantees he is back in the Black-and-White next season.

NBA analyst questions Kyrie Irving’s real value to Brooklyn Nets

brooklyn nets, john wall, kyrie irving
Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Considering the complications in the relationship between Iriving and the Nets, and the guard’s long history of issues with previous organizations and teammates, NBA analyst Brian Scalabrine believes the Brooklyn Nets would be better off with a different player as the wingman to Kevin Durant. That being, oft-injured Houston Rockets guard John Wall.

“I don’t think Kyrie Irving is as valuable as people may think. If I’m Brooklyn, I’m seriously thinking about John Wall over Kyrie Irving … If I had a choice, I’m like, you know what? John Wall has positional size [and] can play multiple positions. When motivated he can guard. I know he’s missed a ton of games, but so has Kyrie. At least I have some size out there. He might be a better fit for me than a Kyrie Irving.”

Brian Scalabrine on SiriusXM NBA Radio.

Wall is in the final year of his contract and is set to earn $47 million next season. The five-time All-Star has only played in 40 games over the last three years as he has tried to bounce back from a torn Achilles.

If he opts in, Irving is also in the final year of the four-year contract he signed with the Nets in 2019. He is set to make $36.5 million next season.