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Black College Football Hall of Fame joining Pro Football Hall of Fame

Courtesy of USA Today Images

Beginning in 2019, the Black College Football Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame will be in the same building. According to Jarrett Bell of USA Today, the idea was spearheaded by former Super Bowl-winning quarterback, Doug Williams.

It will be part of a big renovation project, along with another former Grambling quarterback, James Harris.

“The Hall-within-a-Hall will be another component of a significant expansion and revitalization of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, in the midst of a $500 million development that includes a refurbished Tom Benson Stadium and ambitious Hall of Fame Village to be anchored by a hotel and conference center.”

While the black colleges obviously aren’t professional, they are a huge part of football’s history. Additionally, players from black colleges are a big part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, with Walter Payton and Jerry Rice being two big examples.

Williams touted the importance of the merger.

“This is so important,” Williams told USA TODAY Sports. “If our history isn’t preserved, it won’t be there. James and I have talked about that, and how so many guys have been unrecognized.”

In actuality, this is probably a model that should be followed by all of college football. Given the relationship that college football and professional have with each other, it only makes sense that the entire history of the sport would be honored in one building.

For now, though, this is a great step in the right direction.