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BKFC tonight: BKFC 52 fight card, preview, and watch times

There is an event from BKFC tonight. After a card headlined by a highly-anticipated cruiserweight title fight, the bare-knuckle world leader returns a week later for a Friday night event led by a women’s championship bout.

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BKFC tonight:

After the company’s event on Sept. 29, they will return to action in October for a card headlined by a championship bout in South Carolina.

The event on Oct. 20 will be led by a bantamweight title bout that will see company veterans Reginald Barnett Jr. and Keith Richardson battle for the 135-pound title. Plus, the event will feature the return of bare-knuckle veterans Tony Soto, Andy Nguyen, and Kevin Croom.

Bareknuckle Fighting Championship

How to watch BKFC 52 on Oct. 20

  • This event takes place inside the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, South Carolina
  • The card will kick off at 8 PM ET
  • This event will be broadcast exclusively on FITE TV

BKFC 52 card

  • Reginald Barnett, Jr. vs. Keith Richardson
  • Tony Soto vs. Kevin Croom
  • Jeremie Holloway vs. Cameron VanCamp
  • Andy Nguyen vs. Crystal Lawson
  • Jeremiah Scott vs. Chevvy Bridges
  • Brandon Bushaw vs. Joshua Marer
  • Samuel Samples vs. Derek Perez
  • Trukon Carson vs. Daishaun Middleton
  • Trevor Loken vs. Joao Guerra

What is the difference between UFC and BKFC?

There is a big difference between UFC and BKFC. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a promotion where athletes compete under mixed martial arts rules. So grappling, submissions, kicking, knees, and elbows are allowed.

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However, BKFC uses a boxing ruleset but instead of fighters wearing 12 to 18-ounce gloves, they only have hand wraps on their fists.

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Next BKFC card: BKFC 53

bkfc tonight
Credit: BKFC

On Nov. 3 the world leader in bare-knuckle boxing promotes its first event in November when they return to Orlando, Florida for a card led by a championship bout.

In the headliner of BKFC 53, middleweight king David Mundell is back to defend his crown as he takes on the challenge of top contender Doug Coltrane.

How to watch BKFC 53 on Nov. 3

  • This event takes place inside the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando
  • The card will kick off at 8 PM ET
  • This event will be broadcast exclusively on FITE TV

BKFC 53 card

  • David Mundell vs. Doug Coltrane
  • Murat Kazgan vs. Julian Lane

Why is bare-knuckle boxing illegal?

Bare-knuckle boxing was outlawed in most states due to its brutality and the growth of traditional boxing with its in-depth guidelines. However, just like MMA and its battle to change perceptions and gain acceptance, bare-knuckle boxing is slowly gaining legalization across the country and is now legal in 25 states.

Upcoming BKFC schedule: BKFC Thailand and BKFC Bulgaria

bkfc tonight
Credit: BKFC

After a pair of numbered events, the promotion will go abroad for a set of cards in the Eastern Hemisphere, including a fifth show in their Thailand series.

In November, the company will head back to Thailand and Bulgaria as they expand the bare-knuckle brand to international audiences. On Nov. 11, BKFC will promote a fight card inside the Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall in the land of Muay Thai that will feature a main event pitting Buakaw Banchamek vs. Saenchai Saenpong.

That will be followed by a card the next week on Nov. 17 at the Arena Sofia in Bulgaria led by a clash between Rosen Dimitrov and Todor Zhelyazkov.

How to watch BKFC Thailand 5 on Nov. 11

  • This event takes place inside the Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall in Thailand
  • The card will kick off at 7 AM ET
  • This event will be broadcast on the BKFC app

BKFC Thailand 5 fight card

Buakaw Banchamek vs. Saenchai Saenpong
Chisakan Ariphipat vs. Britain Hart
Thomas Newton vs. Kristof Kirsch
Krisana Sirsang vs. Sarun Srioumboo
Tofan Pirani vs. Daniel Dörrer
Gustaf Cedermalm vs. Joemil Miado
Chaloemporn Sawatsuk vs. Kievan Solemani
Pouriya Rokhneh vs. Yohann Marin
Andrew Miller vs. Wongaon Teerawat
Pongpisan Chunyong vs. Tha Pyay Nyo
Mikhail Vertrila vs. Allen Wycoco
Maseng Kantiphong vs. Tumba

How to watch BKFC Bulgaria on Nov. 17

  • This event takes place inside Arena Sofia in Bulgaria
  • The card will kick off at 12 PM ET
  • This event will be broadcast exclusively on the BKFC app

BKFC Bulgaria fight card

  • Rosen Dimitrov vs. Todor Zhelyazkov
  • Georgi Valentinov vs. Bojan Kosendar
  • Vladislav Kanchev vs. Wilhelm Ott
  • Kaloyan Kolev vs. Amer Abdulnabi
  • Marian Dimitrov vs. Jędrzej Durski
  • Delqn Iliev vs. Florin Lupu
  • Veselin Ivanov vs. Marco Giustarini
  • Mladen Iliev vs. Yunus Emre Batan
  • Kristian Kirilov vs. Mehmet Ozer
  • Angel Petkov vs. Nikola Arsov
  • Martin Stoichkov vs. Felipe Maia
  • Zdravko Dimitrov vs. Tomas Vojtela