Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers have been the punching bags for fans of other teams in recent days after the entire trade deadline drama surrounding the team.

Youngster Brandon Ingram found this out in Indiana last week. Now, it’s LeBron James’ turn.

As the King was taking to the three-throw line against the Hawks in Atlanta on Tuesday, he was served up with “Kobe’s better” chants from fans inside State Farm Arena.

That’s just some absolutely brutal stuff right there. We have to believe James heard the chants. Who wouldn’t? And for the game’s best player, hearing this shade thrown in his direction couldn’t have been a great feeling.

Debates continue to rage about the NBA’s best player. Both Kobe and James are in the conversation. Though, most will conclude that Michael Jordan stands above the rest.

Either way, pretty epic shade-throwing from the Hawks fans here.