Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes isn’t the only young NFL star that can show out on the basketball court.

While not as sleight of hand as Mahomes, stud Indianapolis Colts guard Quenton Nelson apparently knew how to hoop it up as a two-sport star during his high school days in Jersey.

Just a teenager then, the now-massive Nelson had to be pushing 280 pounds. Even then, he was able to show off the handles and Magic Johnson-type passing ability on this one play.

How good of an athlete was Nelson during his high school days? In addition to being an eventual four-star football recruit to Notre Dame, that highlight from above was during an All-Star Game.

Selected No. 6 overall in the 2018 NFL Draft, Nelson earned both Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors as a rookie. Plays such as this one tell us a story of a violent football player — one that will be dominating for some time.

With that said, let’s just entertain the possibility of Nelson suiting up for the Indiana Pacers in an attempt to be a two-sport star. They certainly could use him.