Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors should have at least been in a celebratory mood after a 39-point win over a shorthanded San Antonio Spurs team at home on Wednesday evening.

Instead, it was two-time reigning NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant who made all the headlines. In his first meet-and-greet with the Bay Area media in over a week following the game, Durant put said media on absolute blast — calling out one reporter in particular.

At issue here are the never-ending questions about Durant’s impending free agency. It’s something that has surrounded the Warriors in recent months. But it’s also something Durant — fair or not — doesn’t want to discuss.

In talking about the Durant situation, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr put this interesting spin on it.

“This is what we sign up for,” Kerr said, via 95.7 The Game. “Yes we all get paid for either our coaching ability or playing ability, but we also get paid to be part of the soap opera and the machine, whatever you want to call it.”

Some may conclude that Kerr calling it a soap opera is a shot at Durant. Though, it’s more likely he’s shading the local media.

Whether Kerr, Durant and the rest of the Warriors like it or not, this is going to be a continual narrative hanging around the team’s neck all the way up until July.

Durant might have a thin skin when it comes to all of this. Hopefully for the Warriors’ sake, the rest of the team takes Mr. Kerr’s approach.