Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It’s rather clear that Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid was frustrated with the officiating during his team’s narrow loss to the Boston Celtics on Tuesday evening.

More often than not, the Celtics played a physical brand of basketball against Embiid in the low post. It led to him converting on just 9-of-22 field goals.

On the other end, Embiid was called for five fouls. Unfortunately for Philadelphia, this played a role in the team’s lack of late-game success.

Following the game, Embiid made sure people knew exactly how he felt about the officiating.

“These referees f***ing sucked,” Embiid said in his post-game press conference. That’s certainly going to lead to a $25,000-plus fine from the Association later in the week.

It’s clear Embiid was frustrated. It’s also rather clear that the dude isn’t worried about a fine that won’t cut too much into his $29.5 million average salary.

With that said, the star center had a legitimate gripe. Look at this one end-of-game sequence.

That’s all sorts of bad officiating right there.