Top takeways from the NFL Divisional Playoffs

15Did the Divisional Round disappoint?

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

After seeing a ton of competitive games during NFL’s Wild Card Weekend, the divisional round disappointed to a great extent. We were expecting big-time games from road teams — something that didn’t come to fruition in Los Angeles, New England and Kansas City.

But now that the games for Championship Sunday are set, there’s still a lot to look back at. Andrew Luck and his Colts proved they weren’t ready for prime time. The same thing can be said for Jason Garrett and the Cowboys Saturday night in Los Angeles.

When the clock turned to Sunday, the New England Patriots absolutely dominated the Chargers in nearly every way — making a return trip to the AFC Championship Game.

The best outing of the weekend was in New Orleans Sunday evening. Philadelphia opened up a 14-0 lead — only to see the Saints make a game of it prior to halftime. When all was said and done, New Orleans came out on top with a stirring performance.

These are among the top takeaways from the NFL Divisional Playoffs.