The baseball world knows Joey Votto is a sensational hitter, but this statistic about his lack of pop-ups to certain positions truly is a remarkable feat.

According to Ryan M. Spaeder of The Best Baseball Podcast, Votto has never popped out to the pitcher, catcher or first baseman throughout his 11-plus-year career.

That legitimately led to an eye-popping stare from this writer.

Sure, Votto is a six-time All-Star and career .312 hitter. To have 6,563 plate appearances and never record any of a P1, P2 or P3, though?! That’s flat-out other-worldly.

Votto is a left-handed batter, so yes, most of his pop-ups should head toward shortstop or third base. And yes, he’s probably been saved by an infielder calling off the pitcher once in a while.

But the stat is an enormous testament to the Votto’s special ability at the plate.

David Kenyon
Writer for Sportsnaut and Bleacher Report, mostly covering college football as well as the NFL, NBA and college basketball.