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Tom Brady’s fumble late in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LII pretty much ended any hope that the New England Patriots would come out on top against the underdog Philadelphia Eagles.

Mere minutes after Brandon Graham forced said fumble, Philadelphia was out there celebrating its first ever Super Bowl title.

It’s something we don’t see every day. Brady coming up small on the game’s grandest of stages.

Here’s something else we don’t see every day. A Patriots fans will dole out $500 to erect a billboard of Brady’s now infamous fumble on Boston’s busiest highway near Gillette Stadium.

Here’s how it all started out.

This tweet from Eagles fan, Gina Lewis, went viral within a few hours. And as of Wednesday afternoon, she had collected 8,300 retweets and 13,900 likes. Needless to say, this put her co-worker in a position to have to follow through on the bet.

“Part of me is now thinking that it was unfair, because he’s not on Twitter,” Lewis said, via Delaware Online. Certainly, he doesn’t have a grasp of how quickly a tweet can go viral online. The odds were stacked against this Patriots fan in a big way.

Not that Lewis plans to let him off the hook.

In a story that represents 2018 to a T, we’re now going to witness a digital billboard near the Patriots’ home stadium depicting one of the most disastrous plays in franchise history…paid for by a Patriots fan.

Go figure.