Justin Verlander

Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander joined an elite group of pitchers during Wednesday’s dominant outing over the Los Angeles Angels, becoming only the 33rd pitcher in baseball history to record 2,500 strikeouts. But that, combined with two no-hitters thrown by Verlander earlier in his career, put him in even more exclusive company.

That’s a who’s who of some of the best pitchers in baseball history, spanning multiple eras. Excluding Bunning, everyone on that list is in the Hall of Fame.

Being a former Cy Young Award winner, American League MVP, and one of the game’s most dominant players was enough to lock Verlander’s spot in Cooperstown up. But any doubt that there might have been should be erased when looking at the pitchers he’s rubbing elbows with now. Verlander isn’t just one of his eras best pitchers. He’s one of the best pitchers that baseball has ever seen.