Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel is currently practicing with his teammates for the upcoming Spring League, and one of them got the better of him on Tuesday.

Manziel dropped back, rolled to his left and threw down the left sideline, only to be picked off by defensive back Cleveland Wallace. Then Wallace went that extra mile and trolled Manziel, throwing up the “money” sign that Johnny Football used to use so much at Texas A&M.

It’s great to see Manziel out there on the practice field, and it’s awesome that his teammates are already comfortable enough with him to dig on him like that.

It’s also worth adding that Manziel actually looked quite good for most of Tuesday’s practice, developing excellent chemistry with former Texas receiver Mike Davis.

If Manziel continues to impress like we saw during his two pro day appearances recently, it stands to reason he could end up on an NFL roster this summer. One prominent team in need of a quality backup has already spoken with him multiple times, leading to some pretty funny reactions on Twitter.