Baker Mayfield

We’ve heard a lot of things about Baker Mayfield during the course of the past year. Some of it has been incredibly touching. Some of it has cast a shadow on the young man. But on Tuesday Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson shared an anecdote that was new to us, and we just had to pass it along.

Hee hee.

DANG IT, now I’m doing it, too!

Pied Piper, indeed.

Though, Browns fans didn’t exactly react to this little story with enthusiasm, taking it to mean Jackson is high on Mayfield.

Clearly, the fans in Cleveland are not feeling warm and fuzzy about their team’s chances of landing a franchise passer. When Sam Darnold was rumored to be “a lock” at No. 1 for the Browns following his pro day last week, there were some pretty negative reactions to that as well.

It’s going to be fun, from an outsider’s perspective, to see what the Browns end up doing.