As we all know, Matt Patricia has just one more game left as a member of the New England Patriots before he becomes the next head coach of the Detroit Lions. As the defensive coordinator wrapped up his final home game at Gillette Stadium Sunday in the AFC Championship Game, he had a special message for Tom Brady.

This is just tremendous.

While everyone who has worked with Patricia has nothing but amazing things to say about him, there’s no doubt that the Patriots are headed to another Super Bowl more because of Brady’s exploits than what Patricia and his defense did in 2017. New England finished the season ranked No. 29 in the league in total defense, allowing 366 yards per game. Though, it’s pretty amazing that the Pats were able to hold teams to just 18.5 points per game.

Clearly, Patricia did some awesome things during his tenure with New England. He’s not only an incredibly smart man, but he’s been tutored by the grand master of them all, Bill Belichick, for the past 14 years.

But when it comes down to it, he knows where he bread is buttered. Brady is the GOAT. His late-game exploits are legendary. Success breeds success. That’s why both Patricia and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels are the two hottest head coaching candidates of this current cycle. Both of them have benefited greatly from being on Brady’s team.

It’s pretty awesome that Patricia not only knows this but that he also had the presence of mind to express it.