If the 2017 season has taught us anything, it’s that when Jalen Ramsey talks, we have to listen. His most-recent rant is the latest proof.

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ cornerback was asked if his team views Week 14’s game against the Seattle Seahawks as a statement game. Given how much Seattle has done in recent years, the question seemed appropriate. But Ramsey went in another direction.

“Alright, we were sorry last year. But we’re not this year. We ain’t talking about last year. Y’all gotta stop doing that, man. The media, y’all do that too much. Y’all be hyping people up. Y’all hype teams up. Stop doing that, man. Y’all gotta stop doing that. It’s a new year. It’s a new week. Everything. It’s new big dogs around the NFL. Stop doing that. Stop hyping people up.”

Hype or not, the showdown between the two 8-4 teams is one of Week 14’s most-exciting matchups. And Ramsey remains one of the league’s most compelling players, both on and off the field.