Army and Navy will play near World Trade Center site on 20-year anniversary of 9/11

The annual Army-Navy game is something many college football fans look forward to, and there is even more reason to tune in next Saturday. On Monday, Navy showed off incredible custom Blue Angels-inspired uniforms that will be worn by the players in the big game.

Those are some awe-inspiring designs. The helmet in particular is just gorgeous, and it appears to be modeled off Navy pilot helmets.

Army vs. Navy version 118 takes place on Saturday, Dec. 9 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. It’ll be the only college game on the television that day, and you can tune in to see the game on CBS at 3 p.m. ET.

Army comes into the game with a record of 8-3. Navy has a record of 6-5. There won’t be much passing in this game, as both teams tend to run, run, run. But we expect to see plenty of scoring, nevertheless, as both teams average over over 30 points per game.