With wildfires devastating Northern California, former Major League Baseball outfielder and native of the region, Jonny Gomes, has started a fundraising effort.

Gomes, who is from the North Bay region being hit hardest by the fire, opened a Gofundme account with a goal of $1 million.

“Now I need you to help me give back to the thousands affected by this horrific catastrophe. Kids are without homes and schools. People have nothing but the clothes on their back. My hometown is a wasteland of ash and rubble. You and I are going to change that!” Gomes said on the account’s home page. “The residents of these affected communities don’t need a home run from us – they need a GRAND SLAM! Give now and I will work with the people and  organizations in the area to ensure that we are bringing home a win. When I identify a need I will allocate your donation swiftly, ethically and honestly. Let’s do this!”

More information on how to donate to the Jonny Gomes 707 Relief Fund — named after the region’s area code — can be found on the homepage.