Could second-year quarterback Jared Goff be turning a new leaf in 2017? According to offensive tackle, Andrew Whitworth, the signs are promising.

Goff struggled terribly in his rookie campaign when he was finally allowed to start in the Rams’ final seven games. Unfortunately, he posted a 0-7 record after completing a total of just 54.6 percent of his passes. Goff ultimately earned a rating of 63.6 while throwing five touchdowns compared to seven interceptions.

Yep folks. Things don’t get much worse. This is why there is a high ceiling for improvement in 2017. Goff feeling more comfortable with the offense is where his success will start. A fresh new head coach to open the season is all the more to reason to be optimistic.

Last year, the Rams passing offense ranked 31st only to be trailed by the San Francisco 49ers. Even worse is the Rams averaged a league-low, 14 points per game.


Realistically speaking, things should only go up from here. Perhaps Whiteworth’s preliminary evaluation on Goff developing with his offense will keep steady.