We’ve all got opinions about sports stuff. But some opinions carry more weight than others. For instance, you might consider Michael Jordan’s opinion about greatness in the NBA to carry a bit more weight than, say, pretty much just about everyone.

And it just so happens MJ does have an opinion about who should rank higher when discussing Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. It’s a hot topic of debate these days, given what King James has been able to accomplish in his NBA career.

“Would I rank LeBron over Kobe in terms of best of all time? No,” Jordan said, per Ryne Nelson of Slam Online.

So why does His Airness rank Bryant over James?

It’s simple.

“There’s something about five that beats three. Now he may be better than that, but Kobe won five championships. LeBron won three.”

Of course, that logic might have something to do with the fact that Jordan won six titles during his career with the Chicago Bulls. So, that would rank him higher than either of these guys, though that’s not exactly a controversial view.

James still has time left to win more titles before he retires. But he’s quite honestly swimming against the current playing in the Eastern Conference. Perhaps that’s why so many insiders believe James will bolt away from Cleveland for a second time after the upcoming season.