LaVar Ball was back at it again overshadowing his children. Only this time, it was LaMelo Ball and his Big Baller Brand team at the Adidas Uprising Summer Championships that were impacted.

Arguing a call with a female official during the game, the older Ball was ejected. He immediately ended the game, only to later use his now infamous “stay in your lane” quote.

Here’s how it all transpired.

“She’s got a vendetta,” Ball told ESPN after the game ended. “She needs to stay in her lane because she ain’t ready for this.”

If you remember correctly, Ball made news earlier this year by telling a female journalist pretty much the same exact thing (more on that here).

Ball lobbied for the female official to be removed from the game, at which point she indeed was. Though, when Ball himself was asked to leave, he declined. That’s when the game itself ended.

The video above depicts a large cheering section for Big Baller Brand and the Ball family. Though, the always outspoken father seemingly overshadowed the fact that a bunch of young kids were attempting to showcase their talent at the summer event. That can’t be seen as a good thing.

This is just the latest example of the Ball family patriarch making news for all the wrong reasons. It was an ugly scene and does absolutely nothing to further his son’s basketball aspirations.