There’s a time and place for everything. Those who are professionals in the social media world (yes, it’s a thing) know this very well. Ask anyone who has made an ill-advised joke or laughed at a serious situation this. They know full well what we’re talking about.

For the social media team at the University of Mississippi football program, that came out in a huge way recently. Just a week after former head coach Hugh Freeze had to resign after being embroiled in an escort service scandal, things have not fully healed in Oxford. This since-deleted tweet (h/t CBS Sports) definitely brought back those fresh wounds.


You don’t have to be from Nevada or have existed in a prior life in the old west to know exactly what went wrong here. While you can definitely put a price on some things (wink), it was an ill-advised tweet to say the least.

Freeze resigned on July 20th after an investigation showed that he used a school-issued cell phone to make calls to an escort service.

Yeah, so we were saying …