While we creep into the month of May, a lot has happened in such a short amount of time within MLB. We are celebrating the one month anniversary of Opening Day 2017 and so far we have had a lot to witness.

Everything from the young talented players on the west coast to someone who arrived from spending a couple years playing overseas and being dominant to still scratching our heads as to what Rob Manfred is doing, we’ve had a little bit of everything.

Here are some surprises and disappointments we have experienced so far in Major League Baseball.

Surprise: Young talent booming with success

The young talent this season has gone above and beyond. Not only is there a quantity of talent here, the quality has been darn good.

The bats of Cody Bellinger and Christian Arroyo have heated up the National League West. Meanwhile Aaron Judge has continued dominating on offense in the AL East, setting a new MLB record in the process.

In just 24 games heading into Wednesday night’s game, Judge was leading the American League in slugging percentage (.795), OPS (1.219) and OPS+ (227), all while registering a .313 batting average. He has also dropped his strikeout rate from last season and leads MLB with 13 dingers.

Baseball’s number one prospect Andrew Benintendi is also having a phenomenal season. He’s slashing a .333/.396/.473 line with 15 RBI and a few balls over the fence. He’s living up to his hype.

It’s refreshing to see Major League Baseball taking chances on the young guys across the league. Not only are teams taking chances, but they are seeing those chances playing off.

If you have time, check out your local minor league ballpark so you can witness the future of Major League Baseball and spend practically nothing in the process.