The Houston Texans have publicly stood behind quarterback Tom Savage since he was called up to fill in for Brock Osweiler last season.

While the team says it is comfortable with Savage, it also moved up in this year’s draft to land Deshaun Watson with the No. 12 overall pick. Houston has since announced that Watson will compete with Savage for the starting job.

Nobody seems more thrilled about about the quarterback battle than Savage himself.

Of course, that is the right thing to say. Savage shows he has an open mind and knows he needs to work hard to earn the start.

Savage does not have much experience at the pro level under his belt. He filled in for just three games late last season when he completed 63 percent of his passes. Savage unfortunately suffered a concussion, which forced the Texans to put Osweiler back into the starting lineup.

We will be interested to see how the competition between Savage and Watson plays out in the upcoming months. On the surface all seems to be harmonious between the quarterbacks. Although, things could get awkward down the road if egos start to get crunched.