Mark Ingram

The New Orleans Saints might be starting the 2017 NFL season off without center Max Unger, who underwent foot surgery over the weekend, according to Herbie Teope of the Times Picayune.

As a reaction to this, the Saints are apparently attempting to find a replacement for Unger by offering up running running back Mark Ingram to the Philadelphia Eagles in a potential trade.

Philadelphia could certainly use a back like Ingram on its team. A recent report coming from the Eagles’ camp suggested that running back Ryan Mathews’ days are numbered. Beyond Mathews is 33 year-old Darren Sproles.

There will be more news on this if the two teams actually strike a trade. Jason Kelce was drafted by the Eagles in the sixth round in 2011. The Saints chose Ingram that same year with the 23rd overall pick.

New Orleans recently signed seven-time Pro Bowler Adrian Peterson, who when healthy should make a suitable replacement for Ingram should the trade take place.