Myles Garrett and the Pittsburgh Steelers will see plenty of one another in the coming years. Ben Roethlisberger says he and his teammates “can’t wait” for the challenge.

The No. 1 pick of the 2017 NFL Draft boldly said that he wants to make Roethlisberger his first NFL sack after being selected by Cleveland. That prompted one Steelers lineman to respond with a shot at the young man’s inexperience in the NFL.

Following up on that, Roethlisberger says he was speaking with center Maurkice Pouncey about the whole thing and related the conversation to Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“I was talking to [Maurkice Pouncey] after Garrett called me out,” Roethlisberger said. “Pounce got a big kick out of it. All of my linemen enjoyed hearing it. They can’t wait to get started. I can’t, either.”

Pittsburgh has dominated Cleveland in recent years, winning eight out of its last 10 games against its AFC North rival.

Of course, the Browns hope Garrett will help tip the scales in their favor in years to come. They have also brought on some other talented players, including another defender who can get after the quarterback, linebacker Jamie Collins, who recently signed a big contract.

We can’t wait to see who ends up having the last word when these teams meet early in the 2017 NFL season. It’s going down in Week 1, when the Browns will host the Steelers for the chance to get their season started with a bang…or a whimper.