Draymond Green

A Draymond Green flop in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals was a spectacular acting job. One might even say it was Oscar worthy.

Green got fouled by Jonathon Simmons, whose left arm brushed up against Green’s face. It wasn’t an egregious foul by any standard, yet Green flung himself backwards in an embarrassing show of embellishment (watch here).

To highlight the flop, Instagram user @azxd created a fantastic claymation video spoofing the flop, comparing it to the scene from Leonardo DiCaprio’s film The Revenent in which he is mauled by a bear.


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The Flopenant. Coming to a theater near you.

To be honest, we here at Sportsnaut couldn’t stop laughing. Real tears flowed.

This was just an outstanding short, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Jesse Reed
Managing Editor at Sportsnaut. Featured on Yardbarker and MSN.com, and formerly was a breaking news writer/NFL analyst for Bleacher Report.