“Who you got?”

This question is asked by baseball fans across the world. The question is asked even more when you happen to have a job in the baseball industry.

It’s a difficult scenario to be in. Some of us have our biased opinions, some rely solely on spring training statistics (don’t do that), and some take the easy way out and expect a repeat of a World Series Champion.

Now that we have said goodbye to the first week of regular season play, Major League Baseball is consumed with overreactions and worries from fans, and some of them are a bit far fetched.

From an 11-time All-Star said to be “washed up” to a team that’s won a few games suddenly being called the future World Series Champions, some are downright ridiculous.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest overreactions surrounding America’s Favorite Pastime as the sun sets on the first week.