The Chicago Cubs know a thing or two about winning the gold. So what better way to show off the rare precious metal than wearing it?

According to Darren Rovell of ESPN, the Cubs will be selling a gold uniform at the team store.

The blinged-out uniforms will set you back $198, but if you take a look at them, they’re pretty awesome and seem to be worth every penny. Especially because they are complete with the 2016 World Series Champions patch located on the arm sleeve.

These are a replica of the jersey the team will wear Monday night when the team takes on the Los Angeles Dodgers. This is the team’s home opener, and Wednesday night the Cubs will be given their World Series championship rings, which feature an incredible 108 diamonds that represent every year of the team’s 108-year championship drought.

Or you can get an awesome Nike women’s shirt that sticks to the World Series theme.

The recurring gold theme seems to be ever plenty at Wrigley Field for the series home opener.