After DeMarcus Ware’s retirement, the Denver Broncos are going to easily transition to Shane Ray at defensive end. At least according to linebacker Von Miller.

“And Shane’s been ready. He’s been ready for a long time,” Miller said this week, via ESPN.

Based on what we’ve seen, the scary part is that Miller is probably right. Ray had a 77.1 Pro Football Focus grade last season to go with eight sacks and 21 hits. And that was in 664 snaps with only eight starts.

After the departure of Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator, it’s more than fair to wonder if there will be a defensive drop-off in Denver next season. However, if there is a drop-off, it’s tough to imagine that it will be because of Shane Ray.

Ray told The Denver Post last August “I don’t think there will be any drop-off between Von [Miller’s] and DeMarcus [Ware’s] production when I’m in.” Thus far, he’s proven himself correct.