Heading into the final hours of the NFL free agency tampering period, there is a heck of a lot to process from the past couple of days.

We saw one team that’s been in the dumps and has cash to spend make some fearless moves, cutting and signing players to reshape the roster. We saw another team in the same exact situation doing…well, doing pretty much nothing. Another team that appeared to be on the ups is now on the precipice of disaster.

Predictably, with so much money to spend around the league, some huge contracts (not yet signed) are in the works. It’s important to remember nothing is official at this time. Players cannot sign until the new league year begins at 4 p.m. ET on Thursday, March 9. That said, barring some craziness we already know where some players are headed and roughly how big their contracts will be.

Taking a look at what’s been happening during the NFL free agency legal tampering period, these are the biggest winners and losers from around the league.