The Carolina Panthers were desperate to bring in pass protection for Cam Newton after a disastrous 2016 campaign. As a starting move to fill the need, the franchise has reportedly enticed former Minnesota Vikings left tackle Matt Kalil to join his brother, Ryan Kalil, in Carolina.

The two brothers┬áboth came into the league as top prospects out of USC. So far, Ryan has had the better NFL career, earning two First-Team All-Pro honors while anchoring the Panthers offensive line at the center position. Matt hasn’t fared as well thus far, struggling to handle elite pressure off the edge in his first four years and then missing most of 2016 with injury.

However, if Kalil can find a comfort zone in Carolina playing with his brother, then based on the potential he came into the league with he still has a chance to develop into a star. If that happens, then we expect Newton to find more success, which comes easier for quarterbacks who aren’t constantly landing on their rears due to intense defensive pressure.

One thing we know for certain is that Ryan is excited to play with his younger sibling.