Mike Glennon has yet to actually sign with the Chicago Bears, though the move is expected to happen any time. But this has not stopped several free agents from reportedly texting NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport to express their desire to play with Glennon in Chicago.

Talk about feeling the love. Glennon is all the talk of free agency being he is the first quarterback among many available to receive a new deal.

Apparently, several guys out there at various positions would enjoy playing with Glennon this fall. This is all so fascinating and puzzling at the same time. Glennon had exactly 18 starts over his four years spent with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But that was enough for the Bears to reportedly offer him a deal that pays approximately $15 million annually for three years.

Hopefully we will find out soon exactly who those eager free agents are that want to jump aboard the new Glennon train in Chicago.