The Tampa Bay Buccaneers really wanted to land receiver DeSean Jackson, making him an offer he couldn’t refuse in free agency.

This is on the top end of where Jackson reportedly had his eye on heading into free agency. Washington was trying to retain him at the last minute, which could be the reason why this contract is so rich. After all, only one day before it was reported the Bucs were offering $10 million for his services.

Jackson is undoubtedly a huge upgrade for Tampa Bay, which needed to bring in more talent at the receiver position. He works very well on paper playing with Mike Evans. Both players can stretch the field but attack defenses in different ways.

Two of the past three seasons, Jackson has gone over 1,000 yards, the one in which he did not being his 2015 season that was cut short by injury. Obviously the speedster hasn’t lost a step and should be a big boost to the offense of the Buccaneers in the coming years.

And we know Jameis Winston is happy to have him.