On Friday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Mike Mayock of the NFL Network was a candidate for the Washington Redskins’ general manager job.

Mayock released a statement on the matter. While he wouldn’t confirm or deny any interest, he did say that there has been no contact. At least not “official contact.”

It’s certainly not the hardest denial we’ve ever seen. But for now, it seems like Mayock is interested in working the NFL draft as an analyst, not a general manager.

But what if he did become a general manager? Other teams wouldn’t mind it. They’d have rock solid insight into the mind of the Washington front office on draft day.

After a brief pro career that ended in 1983, Mayock has worked mostly as an announcer an analyst. He’s worked extensively in both college football and the NFL. So while he’s never been an NFL executive, Mayock wouldn’t lack any familiarity with the game and its players.