Future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter holds many accomplishments.

The 20-year veteran has been on 14 All-Star rosters, has five World Series championships. He’s also a former Rookie of the Year and boasts MVP awards for both the Fall Classic and the All-Star Game.

In addition to “daddy” to a little girl in the near future, is there any other title The Captain doesn’t have?

Yes. Team owner. Well, at least not yet.

The Miami Marlins are now on the market, which means someone soon could be the individual(s) to claim it. The latest rumors surrounding the 42-year-old Jeter appear to be exactly that.

ESPN’s Buster Olney recently indicated that Jeter being part of a new Marlins ownership group is a real possibility.

“The new owners will need a reset, in the same way the Los Angeles Dodgers did following Frank McCourt’s ugly reign. And the Marlins will need instant credibility. An important step was the inclusion of Magic Johnson in the ownership group, because of Magic’s reputation with folks in L.A. His history with the city made fans willing to take him at his word that the new owners were going to spend money and try relentlessly to win…
This is why the new owners, whoever they are, should make a strong effort to persuade Derek Jeter to be part of the solution. And MLB should do all that it can to aid in that, to the degree that it requires the buyers to try to make that happen as a stipulation for purchasing the team.”
This seems to be nothing more than a rumor right now, but Jeter did express interest in the past. And he is the perfect candidate.
His salary over his career comes in around $265 million and that doesn’t include the endorsements and marketing income. He also has the previous athlete mentality comparative of one Magic Johnson who has become a force in the same department in Los Angeles.
Jeter’s home is also located in Southern Florida, just a quick car ride to Miami. It almost seems like this future endeavor is too perfect to plan.