The Chargers announced their relocation to Los Angeles back in January. Now over two months later, the team’s season tickets have finally sold out, per the team’s official website.

The Chargers will play at the Stub Hub Center in Los Angeles, which only houses 30,000 seats. News of the slow-selling tickets probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise, however. Loyal San Diego fans were absolutely irate when the team announced the move. There were jersey-burning ceremonies and angry protests near the stadium after owner Dean Spanos dropped the news.

Rams fans in Los Angeles took the relocation news a bit more enthusiastically last year once they found out they were heading to Los Angeles. For comparison sake, the Los Angeles Rams sold out of their season’s 70,000 tickets in just six hours from the point they went on sale.

Needless to say, the Chargers have their work cut out for them to get fans excited. One way they could do that is by blowing the entire thing up and starting from scratch, which we explored in detail here.