Where will Tony Romo land in 2017? It’s one of the biggest questions NFL analysts love to talk about.

But honestly nobody has a clear answer on the subject, including Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has been hemming and hawing about it for months.

Among other conclusions, there reportedly remains the possibility he doesn’t play at all next season.

Does Romo want to retire? That’s the first question we should be asking ourselves. The answer is, probably not, even if it’s the best thing he could possibly do for his body and family for the long term. This scribe argued months ago that Romo should retire, based on the fact that he’s not been able to stay healthy, and that two of his biggest injuries in recent years have been to his back (more on that here).

This is an opinion that NFL legend Joe Theisman also shares.

That said, all we have to do to remind ourselves that Romo’s competitive fire still burns hot is remember his passion and emotion during the press conference in which he said the Cowboys are Dak Prescott’s team now.

Still, with a third child on the way perhaps Romo is open to hanging up his helmet for good. Additionally, he loves to play golf and is darn good at playing that difficult game. One more back injury could hamper his ability to enjoy it in his latter years.

Then there’s the whole thing where Romo likely won’t want to play for a team that doesn’t have a shot at winning a title.

Looking around, teams that have a legitimate chance to compete at that level already have a starting quarterback. Minus perhaps the Denver Broncos, a team Romo reportedly would love to play for. But there is evidence to support the idea Denver isn’t interested in Romo, which puts him back at square one.

When you add this all up, it’s not hard to come to the conclusion that Romo very well could retire, even if, in his heart, he’d love to continue playing.