In a bit of NFL free agency foreplay, Baltimore Ravens safety Eric Weddle sent an interesting question Tony Jefferson’s way on Monday.

Jefferson, soon to be a free agent next month, sent out a Twitter blast to his followers for a Q&A session. Weddle saw this and responded in the same way many of us have when as kids when asking a crush if they might have any interest without spilling the beans over just how much we adore them.

As much as Weddle would surely love to play alongside Jefferson, it’s likely not a dream he’ll see unfold before his eyes.

Baltimore isn’t exactly loaded with cap space, sitting right around $15 million under the cap, and has some serious decisions to make about its own free agents, including offensive tackle Rick Wagner and defensive tackle Brandon Williams.

Williams is a guy we highlighted along with Jefferson as players their teams from 2016 can’t afford to lose heading into this upcoming free agency period. Both are young and still on the upswing, and you can be sure the Arizona Cardinals will do everything they can to retain their talented 25-year-old safety.

Still, it never hurts to dream. And in this case, it sure seems like Weddle is dreaming of a tag-team safety combo that would give opposing offensive coordinators nightmares.