Why in the world was Cam Newton standing on the sideline during the opening drive of Sunday night’s game for the Carolina Panthers? According to Panthers radio, Newton was benched for disciplinary reasons.

In his stead, backup quarterback Derek Anderson threw an incomprehensible interception on the game’s first play from scrimmage.

Nobody new that Anderson would be starting the game. Even the Panthers made the announcement right as the game began.

The “benching” lasted all of one play, because Newton came in on the next drive. We cannot wait to hear the explanation for what really happened to cause Ron Rivera to keep him on the sideline for the opening drive.

Anderson’s blunder cost the Panthers three points in a game they must win.

Carolina’s playoff hopes were pretty much in the toilet before the game began with a record of 4-7, but they weren’t completely dead yet because the Atlanta Falcons lost Sunday to the Kansas City Chiefs.