Myles Garrett is an offense wrecker. He’s the most dominant defensive player in the nation and a gimme top-three pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. He’s a 6-foot-5, 275-pound freak of nature who not only has the physique to dominate at the next level but also has the work ethic and determination to ensure his God-given abilities aren’t wasted.

Matt Miller of Bleacher Report recently highlighted Garrett in a column, detailing how he’s been on the NFL’s radar since he was just 16 years old. He shared what one longtime scout had to say about the young man.

“You have to realize he’s up to 275 pounds now. To be able to dip, bend and accelerate the way he does at that weight? It’s rare. He’s a generational talent.” Those are the words of a longtime SEC scout for an NFL team. When asked for a comparison to Garrett out of all the players he’d seen, the scout replied, “a healthy, hardworking Jadeveon Clowney.”

Though he officially has just four sacks on record to this point, Garrett has been a force of nature against opposing offenses for Texas A&M this year. More often than not, he faced double and triple teams no matter where he lines up, which further highlights his value. Not only is he still getting pressure on quarterbacks, but his teammates are having a field day while he demands so much attention.

And he is still getting his moments of shining glory.

The superlatives surrounding his overall game and physical abilities appear to be never ending. Yet at this point, based on what people are saying about the young man, anything less than a J.J. Watt-type impact is going to be viewed as a failure.

Consider these comments, gleaned by Albert Breer of The MMQB:

“Three comparisons I heard this week: A) Von Miller; B) a more explosive, athletic Joey Bosa; and C) a version of Jevon Kearse that’s 25 pounds heavier. Suffice it to say, expectations couldn’t be much further out of control. ‘Generational player,’ is how one area scout described him. ‘Nothing he can’t do. Scheme wrecker. Complete player.'”

That’s two references now to “generational” talent regarding Garrett. No pressure, kid.

The thing that makes it all tricky is that Garrett is a “scheme wrecker” and a “complete player.” He does things on a weekly basis that raise eyebrows in a good way and merit praise.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Garrett impacts the upcoming battle against Alabama. The Crimson Tide offense has rolled over every defense that has opposed it, and offensive coordinator Lane Kiffen has proved brilliant about scheming away from teams’ best weapons.

If Garrett and Co. stop the freight train that is the ‘Bama offense, the hype surrounding the pass rusher is going to reach maximum plaid levels.

But let’s all just keep in mind he’s still just a 20-year-old kid. Let’s keep in mind that the NFL offers another level of competition that humbles even the most talented, most skilled and most physically dominant players in the world.

As good as he is, it’s going to be incredibly difficult for Myles Garrett to live up to expectations at the next level. He is no doubt amazing, but the incessant hype machine that encompasses him at this point is just not fair.