In life, there are only three guarantees. Death, taxes, and Joe Mikulik going absolutely berserk when a close call goes against his team.

Mikulik’s latest rant came when one of his Frisco RoughRiders players was called out for illegally sliding into second base. Mikulik obviously disagreed.

There are a few things to dissect here.

One, Mikulik has obviously honed his craft at tossing helmets by watching Rob Gronkowski spike footballs. Helmet/hat throws aren’t that rare, but rarely are they done with such veracity.

Two, Mikulik obviously hasn’t been studying NFL punters with his kicking technique. Then again, punting a base has to hurt quite a bit, so who could really blame him for not completely following through on the boot?

Three, Mikulik never made it to the majors as a player, but it obviously wasn’t because of his sliding technique. The manager demonstrated two brilliant slides into second base. I sure wouldn’t want to be a middle infielder trying to turn two with him trying to break it up.

Generally speaking, Mikulik is one of the more entertaining arguers in all of baseball. This is not the first, second, third, or even fourth time that something like this has happened. He may be a Minor League Manager, but he’s a Major League entertainer.