Duane Brown and the Houston Texans recently got good news when the NFL overturned a 10-game suspension. The reason for the ruling, as explained by ESPN, was that Brown tested positive for the chemical clenbuterol, which was a result of eating meat in Mexico last year during a bye week trip down south.

This news was further verified by Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, who checked with a source following ESPN’s report.

The NFL issued a memo to all players in light of this. Essentially, the league warned against eating meat in Mexico and China, telling the players they’re doing so at their own risk due to the presence of clenbuterol.

The reason this is a big deal to the NFL is that clenbuterol is listed as one of the drugs that is illegal as a performance-enhancing substance.

Brown got off easy. But now that the information is out there, the NFL is telling its players there will not be any mercy in the future.

Back to Brown and the Texans, getting him back is almost like getting another first-round pick. He was slated to miss more than half the season. But after months of appeals he finally came out unscathed, albeit likely exhausted now that the ordeal is behind him and his family.

An eight-year starter for Houston, Brown had offseason surgery to repair a torn quad.

Once he’s back, Brown should be a big part of the new-look unit, with Brock Osweiler, Lamar Miller, Will Fuller, Braxton Miller and other joining DeAndre Hopkins. If the organization’s faith in Osweiler pays off, the Texans should be one of the more entertaining teams to watch the next few years.