Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban has been outspoken about many things in the past, so it’s not surprising that he has a strong opinion about Donald Trump and his supporters. He says they don’t care about real issues, which is why Trump doesn’t have to talk about them.

Speaking on “Squack on the Street,” via, the Dallas Mavericks owner gave his take on the swelling support of Trump’s rabid following:

“They’re not coming out to the polls in record numbers because they like his position on any particular issue. They’re coming out because they’re trying to send a message. They’re sending a message that things have got to change and the one candidate that we think introduces change, particularly if you’re on the right, is Donald Trump.”

He then called Trump a “Seinfeld candidate” who must run a “campaign about nothing” to continue succeeding.

While he doesn’t expect Trump to show any interest in adding him to a cabinet position, he did have an interesting take on what could happen should Hillary Clinton bring him in for his business savvy.

“Imagine if Hillary brought me or brought somebody like me in and went more to the center and became more business friendly. It could change the entire tenor of the race,” Cuban said.

Whatever your take on the Presidential races and the candidates on either side of the aisle, you have to love Cuban for his humility. All kidding aside, he does make a very good point. Not that Clinton really needs that much help. He’s well ahead of Trump in the latest polls and actually has experience talking about the actual issues, which will be more important in the months to come.

Perhaps he’ll just continue to make money hand over fist, rather than engage in political scheming for either Trump or Clinton in the coming four years.