Courtesy of USA Today Images

There is one constant in Minor League Baseball — gimmicky promotions. Throughout the summer, in every Minor League stadium around the nation, you can find all kinds of wacky promotions in an attempt to draw fans to the park.

The Binghamton Mets — the Double-A affiliate of the New York Mets — have a promotion that just might be the new gold standard.

Interesting. “Netflix and Chill” is a pretty well known euphemism at this point. If you’re not totally versed in the topic, check out Wikipedia’s take or if you’re the saltier type, the Urban Dictionary lays it out pretty well in a NSFW way.

We’re not totally sure what the Binghamton Mets are looking for here, but a “Netflix and Chill” night will certainly attract a unique crowd of people, hopefully most of them 18 or older.

If there is an abnormal number of Binghamton babies born in early to mid January of 2017, we’ll have a pretty good idea why.