11/3/13 - New Orleans Saints vs. New York Jets at MetLife Stadium - New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan greets his brother New Orleans Saints Defensive coach Rob Ryan after the Jets defeated the Saints 26-20.

Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan and his twin brother, Rob, have a pretty interesting story to share. Outside of being twins, it’s possible that they aren’t who we think they are.


“The twins’ birth certificates show Rex was born five minutes ahead of Rob,” Tim Graham of Buffalo News writes. “But there is no guarantee which one truly is which.”

This means Rob might actually be the Bills head coach coach and Rex would be the Saints defensive coordinator. It is reported that the twins parents, Buddy and Doris Ryan, may have mixed up the babies multiple times. When the babies were in the hospital, they were labeled as Baby A and Baby B.

“The nurse would take one away when I was done feeding and bring me the other one,” Doris Ryan said. “And I’d swear, I think I just fed this baby?'”

Can we conclude if the twins were switched an even number of times, then they are who they really are?

Humor-filled as always, Rex had this to say.

“I would’ve had a better name. We’ve laughed about it before. I probably really am Rob, and he’s Rex. Isn’t that funny, though? Who knows?”

Wow, this is quite thought-provoking.

If you have some time on Father’s Day, the story of how Rex (or Rob) became involved in football is well worth reading.


Photo: NY Post

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