In between partying aboard yachts, spiking everything in sight and hitting on pretty newscasters, New England Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski calmed down for a few moments to discuss his dream wife on The Jim Rome Show.

In the off event that a partying Gronk ever settles down for marriage, this is how he described his dream spouse.

She cleans, cooks, makes big cash, stays at home, (and) lets me do whatever I want.

As if Gronk doesn’t make enough money on his own. Apparently he would like Mrs. Gronkowski to carry her own weight financially in the relationship.

Furthermore, Gronk was asked which lady celebrity would he rescue if he had the opportunity:

Margot Robbie. You know who that is? That lady off The Wolf of Wall Street. That one.

When asked why Robbie:

I watched The Wolf of Wall Street and I was, like, damn.

Gronkowski has fabulous taste. As for the day that Gronk actually settles and goes domestic, that remains to be seen.

There’s a lot of partying and twerking to be had before Gronk should attempt to get serious.

Unless she comes along:

Photo: USA Today Sports