Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker Terrell Suggs was nearly the one on the ground this time when he reacted to a compliment that New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady paid to him (via

After being told by a reporter that Brady referred to Suggs as “phenomenal,” the Ravens linebacker was shocked.

Say what? Did they record him? I’d love to see his face [when he said it].

It’s no secret Brady, who has landed on the ground many times when facing Suggs, are trash-talking rivals of each other.

When asked to discuss his “relationship” with Brady, Suggs responded with this.

It’s the same that all defensive players have with quarterbacks. He’s a quarterback, I’m a defender. He’s got a job to do, so do I. So, there’s naturally going to be some disagreements there.

In the past, Suggs hasn’t been shy to dish on Brady, whose three Super Bowl titles the Ravens linebacker once called “questionable.”

Keeping it classy this time around, Suggs kept the conversation neutral. However, the one thing that remained consistent was Suggs’ refusal to actually say Tom Brady’s name. When asked about who is the quarterback for the New England Patriots, Suggs responded

He’s the quarterback for the New England Patriots.

It certainly will be entertaining to watch these two nemesis go at it this upcoming weekend.

Photo: Washington Post